Protect Your Property From Seizure

Protect Your Property From Seizure

Turn to us if you need a drug forfeiture defense lawyer in Yakima, WA

Has the government seized your property because of a suspected drug offense? At Hall and Gilliland PLLC, our drug forfeiture defense lawyer can assist you in Yakima or Walla Walla, WA. We defend people in these situations to help stop government oversteps and keep their properties safe.

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What is a forfeiture?

In regards to drugs, a forfeiture is when the government takes action to seize a person's property. This can occur because the property was allegedly:

  • Traded to the person for drugs
  • Intended to be used for drug crimes
  • Obtained with funds from selling drugs

Our drug forfeiture defense lawyer can guide you through this tough situation to help you get your property back. We've been handling these cases for over a decade, and we have an outstanding success rate. Reach out to speak to our drug forfeiture defense attorney about your situation today.