Protect Your Second Amendment Rights

Protect Your Second Amendment Rights

Ask us about firearm rights restoration throughout the state of Washington

Have you lost your right to carry a weapon? It may be possible to get your firearm rights restored. If you would like to know if you're eligible for firearm rights restoration, contact Hall and Gilliland PLLC to discuss the details of your situation with an attorney who knows the law. We can help you regain your firearm rights in Walla Walla & Yakima, WA and throughout the entire state of Washington.

We always offer free consultations to help you make informed legal decisions. Call 509-452-8120 today to learn more about your firearm rights.

What are the criteria for firearm restoration?

While not everyone qualifies for firearm rights restoration under state and federal laws, many people never realize they could be eligible to restore their firearm rights. You may qualify to have your firearm rights restored if:


  • You have spent the last five years without committing a crime
  • You have no pending criminal charges
  • You are not subject to a domestic violence protection order
  • You have never been involuntarily committed for mental health reasons




Speak with an attorney at Hall and Gilliland PLLC to see if you meet all the necessary requirements.